Wednesday, January 2, 2008


So my engine light has been on for about 10 days or so now, finally got it into the shop today. Had to go in early before work and drop it off, it hasn't snowed for a couple days, but there is a ton of it still on the ground and the wind had drifted it pretty bad over the road in a couple places. We hit the first one without seeing it, my mom spun out right away, I would have made it but since she was in front of me I had to stop, took me awhile toget started again, the snow was so high it would have been falling inside my car if I opened the door.

Took us awhile, but we got to Pullman safe. They found out what they 'think' is wrong with it, so I go and pick it up, engine light comes back on before I leave their parking lot, so I am taking it back in on Monday. They said its just a sensor either malfunctioning or broken. They thought they fixed it but they said if it comes back on that the part may need to be replaced, and its apparently a couple hundred dollar part. If it doesnt need to be replaced then this only cost me $90.

Its almost Thursday! Im going up to CDA early on Saturday and playing some games and watching some football (GO HAWKS!), Im going to spend the night at my friends place, probably celebrate the new year since we didn't get an opprotunity on new years eve. So, yes, there will probably be some drinking :-). Then on Sunday the boys fly into Spokane Airport at around 1pm (unless there is a Delay) and then we head down to my house for a late Christmas.

I have so much standup comedy on my PC now, its awesome. I LOVE IT. Both Audio and Video.

I got Fight Club back, Nicole really wanted Beauty and the Beast, which I LOVE but just dont watch enough.

She freakin 'forgot' her camera on Christmas, so there are NO christmas pictures...

Check out this video entitled "What Girl's need to know about their geek Boyfriend"

Its pretty damn funny.


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