Sunday, December 16, 2007

I guess I like Friends

Well, I have completed my collection of Friend's for the 2nd time. The only thing I am missing now is a particular disc from Season 5. Friend's is such an awesome TV series, my addiction to it is humerous to some I suppose. I am not ashamed and now I just need to make sure I aquire the Scene It! Friend's Edition DVD game.

I won a miniature painting competition up in Coeur d'Alene, I submitted my Orc Shaman into the Amateur Division. I'm pretty psyched about it.

On a cool note I managed to get in contact with my brother Kyle, I've sent a message off to our sister Shawnna as well and I hope I can start communicating with her too. She is 18 and he is 15, he is a freshman in High School and learning to drive, she just moved out on her own and is going to Walla Walla Community College.

I just recorded two hour long specials on the BBC, Eddie Izzard! I LOVE Standup Comedy but I hand't really heard of him until a friend of mine introduced him to me earlier this year. I think one of them is the TV special that I have a CD version of.

Well, on a more serious note to followup my last few blogs. Today is Sunday, my boys are leaving for Phoenix in a week exactly. They are supposed to come back 2 weeks later on January 6th. When they went down there for the summer Nicole tried some shit with her lawyer in the last couple weeks. It didn't work but I won't put it past her again.

On a more pressing issue, if the judge's decision comes anytime in the next three weeks and he decides in her favor than Jadon may not be coming back from Phoenix... so I will probably be holding my breath quite a lot.

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