Thursday, November 15, 2007

That which makes Comedy Sweeter and Horror more Horrible

Children, I never really thought about it before. I have always loved Comedy and Horror (and a bunch of other stuff), but since I've had children the way I view and enjoy these things has slowly changed.

The same reason exists for both, though due to the differences in Genres, it effects them differently.

Even when my children were gone for 9 weeks during the summer, I always felt as if they were right there at my side. And that is the key. My sense of Horror is so much more heightened, and I find things to be more horrible, things frighten me faster. Adult comedy really changes as well. Things that people say that would take you offguard when your kids are present, are so much funnier when you feel their presence. Obviously the kids arent there, but that sense that they are is enough.

In a way it has made me enjoy both comedy and horror more than ever, though I do tend to watch a lot less horror than I used to.

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