Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Pulse of my life

Well, I certainly don't write blogs as often as I used to so I guess I should make sure what I am saying counts!

First off I just got off the phone with my Wife (EX in 12 days!!!) and out of no where she was a total b-i-t-c-h to me.

She called to talk to the kids but they were eating dinner, and after over a year and a half she finally recognizes that I dont just hand the phone over to the kids during meals, baths and bed times. So she just asked me to say hi to them for her and I did, but then Jadon wanted to say hi really quick so i held the phone to his ear and he said a couple things and when she wanted to talk to him more he said "i am eating, can you call me back when I am done?" she agreed and then Tristan looked like he wanted to say hi and so I held the phone to his ear and let him say hello really quick and then let them continue eating.

Meanwhile I get back on the phone with Nicole (sitting at the table with the boys) and she tells me they scheduled their return flight for Wednesday the 21st and when I questioned her she was somewhat defensive and indicated it turned out to be cheaper that way (I call bullshit, after dropping nearly $10,000 on her lawyer and her/thier trips up here...). I asked why, if that was the reason, was it such a secret when we had spoken before and she just said "because it didn't matter". Well, Im fucking asking, so it fucking matters, the original reason I was interested was so I could anticipate her intentions towards spending time with the kids and when she made such a big deal about keeping the information from me.. then it was a big deal.

Then I indicate to call back in 15 min. to talk to the kids and she tries to negotiate and asks me to call her when the kids are done. Not entirely unreasonable, but I have things to do that I am trying to get done right now, like Laundry, making beds, cleaning up dinner, reading a novel and so forth. I tell her I've got things I am working on and it would just be easier if she called back in 15 min. and suddenly out of nowhere she just freaks out.

She starts swearing at me and putting down things about my life like the "fucking small town in the middle of no where" and "fucking nothing better to do" and all sorts of random crap. She is sitting, bored out of her mind at a stupid soccer game and she cant just call back in 15 min.

So, being the stubborn, cold hearted, mean and unrelentingly important 'husband' she remembers so well, I stood my ground and didnt give and inch, I told her that what I am doing is none of her business and that her son asked her to call him back when dinner is over and she can either do that or not call at all. At which point she swore at me again and said something along the lines of "fine, Ill just call in 15 min." then she was saying something else obnoxious when I hung the phone up. Conversation Over. 

Anyway, I was challenged yesterday by a certain someone, doubting my conviction to go to the gym today. I am happy to announce success! I only spent 35 min. there, but I intend to increase that to 50 min. tommarow. 

And now Ive got to go, I was intending on writing a bit more but its so time consuming.

PS: when she called back in 15 min she was still a bitch to me and said her piece about me being a jerk and standing her ground that having me call her back was the easier way to do things and then sarcasticly apologizing for "interupting my busy schedule". Then she hung up before I could respond.

For over a year, even after I found out about her boyfriend I facilitated everything between her and the kids. I encrouraged her to come up more often, to regulate her calls better so they would speak with her, to have them call her when something cool happened. I kept her in the loop on everything about school and activites and always sent her emails with pictures. I didnt get shit from her when the boys were down there, not even a call letting me know what fun places they were going to or anything. She wants to talk to My children then she will be the one to call, I tried going above and beyond to include her, she wasn't interested.

PS: Sarah, did you see both myspace messages? 

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