Thursday, November 8, 2007

Not Quite!

So I didn't quite hit the 50 minute mark at the Gym today. But I did go, thats 2 days in a row!! Im intending on going in tommarow as long as I dont need to do anything for my lawyer.

So I think 35-40 min. is the max i can spend at the gym. I think its enough, but not quite as much as I was hoping. I guess I could go longer if I really wanted, but It just means the kids stay in daycare longer and we get home later.

I get off at 2:30 and I can't pick the kids up until about 3:35 or so, so what I am trying to do is get to the gym as soon as I can, I am just paying for 1 hour of parking and then I am trying to workout until about 3:45-3:50 or so. So literally the faster I get there the more time I will exercise.

I am not entirely opposed to large groups of people, but when things start getting crowded, that is when I feel less comfortable. So going to the gym doesn't bother me like it would have when I was in high school. Between 2:30-3:30 there isnt too many people there, but by 4 its getting pretty full, so it works out well for my schedule.

As far as groups of people go, I enjoy doing things in groups a lot more than I ever used to. Though, it obviously depends upon the people involved. Wether it is dinner at home, hanging out at a bar, playing board games or doing something more active. hmm, come to think of it, doubles tennis would be a lot of fun (right Tennis partner? we would stomp the competition! lol)

I am really getting into this book I am reading, Fatherland by Robert Harris. So far it is really interesting, I'll break it down for you.

It takes place in 1964, it is about a police officer in Germany that investigates a murder and begins to unravel a greater consipircy behind this and other related murders. Sounds like its been done a bajillion times before, but the twist would be the setting. It is not 1964 as we know and love it, its a slightly different time line, kind of a what if type of scenerio.

It is set in Germany, 1964... IF the germans had won World War 2. The really interesting part is that they dont break down everything that has happened, you learn it as it becomes important to the story. Also, the murdered individuals were all high ranking Nazi Party members who existed in real life, though I believe they were all dead well before 1964 in our own timeline.

Anyway, I dont want to say too much, but so far I highly recommend it. I intend to pick up some of this author's other novels as well.

There is this awesome show in 3-4 weeks that I want to go to, it could be awesome. I have heard good things about it anyway. I have always been interested in stuff like this, but haven't had the opprotunity since I was a teenager. Hopefully I can find a date for it , but if not thats cool. If I keep my eyes open there are always cool things going on, esspecially during the holidays.

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