Monday, November 12, 2007

Apparently, its Veteran's Day

So, I know that Veteran's day was yesterday, but many insitutions took the day off today in order to further its celebration (thats one way to put it lol).

I did not realize until midway through last week that both Jadon's school and the boy's daycare were both to be closed today. At first I thought I might have to take the day off to watch them, as I don't get the day off for the Holiday.

My mom gets the day off from WSU though so she volunteered to watch them this morning. I remembered that when I left for work early this morning. But after I went to the gym today I went strait to the daycare to pick the kids up, I unlatched the gate, walked into the playground, things seemed quiet and fairly dark. Unfortunatly it didn't click, my first thought was "is it still nap time?", I walk into the main office area and realize the truth. My kids are down in Clarkston with my mom and grandparents.

Suddenly I feel like a total numbskull and I immediatly call my mom to check on the kids and see how their day is going. And ofcourse, to indicate the embarassing moment I just had at the daycare. Fortunatly it was empty and I was alone. In hindsight, I kind of wish I had worked out a little bit longer.

Anyway, one week from today my Trial starts. My thoughts on this have not been idle, I torture myself with all possabilities exploding through my mind.

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