Sunday, September 23, 2007

Embarrassing Moments in the life of Jason Bishop

Despite the title, I will actually only be talking about one such embarassing moment in my life. Mostly because it just happened to me yesterday. I will get to it farther down in the blog though, so bear with me. 

First I would like to talk about my two wonderful little boys and how I am so very proud of them! Jadon is doing wonderful in Kindergarten, he is already making leaps and bounds and his teacher says he loves to raise his hand (though he apparently gets frustrated when not called upon). I have been working on letters and writing their names for some time now, and their skills at these have been on again off again. Now they have really hit their stride though; They can both write their names and recognize most letters.

Tristan identifies the correct letter nearly 95% of the time, though he isnt familiar with most of the sounds. Jadon identifies letters less often, I would estimate 75% of the time, but he is much more knowledgable about the sounds the letters make and the words associated with that sound. They are both doing really well writing their names, Tristan does such a cute little 'i' for his name, I can barely help smiling anytime I see it. He makes a straight line for the 'i' and then puts a circle on top of it instead of a dot, makes it look like a little lollypop! Jadon can write his name as well, though he has been struggling a bit, I spoke with both his teacher at school and his teacher at daycare about the situation and we all agree that he is struggling because he is left handed. His teacher at the daycare, Stacey, has a child that is left handed and she was very knowledgable about ways to improve the way we teach Jadon how to write, and the differences we need to be aware of when teaching him. I incoporated that into the way I show him things at home and improvement was immediate and obvious, he is even trying to do his artwork using some of the new methods I showed him.

Jadon did his first weeks worth of homework, he loved it! That is not sarcasm by-the-way, there was a time in all our lives that we thought homework was the coolest thing, I'll hate to break the news to him later on lol. Whenever I mentioned doing some more of his homework he sqealed like a little piggy and ran to give me a big hug saying "oh thank you daddy, thank you" it was hilarious. I sat down with him to work on it and he ended up insisting that I do the homework on my own.

The homework Jadon had to do involved the letter 'Aa', Jadon was to fold a paper so that there would be 8 boxes on it and then he was supposed to think of 8 different words starting with the letter 'Aa'. So we did that, and on each of the 8 sections he was to either paste a picture of that Word or Draw a picture of it. So he wanted to draw each picture and I believe I recall what they all were: Apple, Alligator, Ambulance, Angel, Ant, ABCs, Alien, and one other that I cant recall.

Jadon went to the Latah County Fair in Moscow recently with his Daycare class, they just visited the animals and exhibits. Then that weekend they both went to the fair again with their Grandma and Grandpa, but this time it was all about the rides! Jadon is borderline too tall for the kiddie rides now! WOO HOO!!! He actually was too tall for one of them I guess, I cant wait until Next Year! We will have to try to get over to the Puyallup Fair again one of these years, its such a long trip that I will try to wait until they are both tall enough for the good rides!  I was, unfortunatly, not able to attend the fair with them that weekend.

I am sad to announce that the Father of my best friend and cousin Russ has passed away at the age of 50. He was a good man, I've known him for at least the last 15 years, he died of heart failure about two weeks ago. He actually survived the heart attack, but he wasn't found right away and ended up suffering extensive brain damage and no signs of brain activity were ever again present. His funeral services were very nice, some of the speakers had very funny/interesting stories that gave the whole thing a very light hearted mood.

I went out drinking with Russ and his family that night. I can't recall everyone that was there, but his sister Ryanna and her husband, his Mom Cyndee and his Step-Dad Eddie, his Aunt Julie and Uncle Greg and their daughter Lyndsey (who is going to the University of Idaho) and a couple others. People kept giving me drinks, I think four of them had purchased me Rum & Cokes by the end of the night and Russ and gotten me two, Im a lightweight at this stuff, so I was pretty hammered once I got to the third and fourth ones lol.

At one point while we were all sitting outside of the Eagles club a group of girls doing their Bachelorette party came by doing something called "Suck for a Buck" or something like that. My Uncle Eddie, Russ's step-dad, was the first to give her a dollar in my honor and I sucked a piece of candy off of the back of the soon-to-be bride's shirt, then Russ put a dollar in for me and picked the candy right beside her breast for me to get, which I did, but I was bright red in the face and all the girls in our group and the Bride's party thought it was hilarious. It was a fun night. Though it is not the embarassing moment mentioned in the title.

This is the story, which I was going to tell regardless of embarassment, that leads up to said embarassing moment.

My Uncle's new resturaunt "Bishop's Bistro" is opening TOMMAROW! Monday September 24th! The last two days he opened his doors to invitation only and packed his place full for dinner to give his new cooks and waitresses a live test run with friends and family before the main event comes on Monday.

We were invited for Saturday and it was awesome. For the boys and I, I ordered an Appetizer which was Garlic Breadsticks with Cheese on top and then for the main course I ordered a Medium Pizza with all the meat you can fit on top of it, though I can't recall what it was called on the menu. Our waitress was very good and very prompt, we were wanting for nothing. The cool thing about the night was that our meals were free, though for practice purposes we were all still presented with our reciepts. Mine came to $21 and some change and I gave the waitress a $5 tip. After dinner the boys and I spent sometime in the Game room and tried out some of the games, our little 1-year old cousin Braydon joined us and tried to eat some chalk, it was great fun!

Ok, now that I have set the stage, it is time for me to tell you the embarassing moment I spoke of in the title.

During the course of the evening one of the other waitresses came over to my table to talk to me and the boys twice, she was really nice, but she wasn't our waitress so I just thought she was being nice.

Well once we got back to my Grandma's house the first thing out of her mouth was "Jason, didn't you know that girl was flirting with you?" which immediatly flushed the red into my cheeks, as I had no idea and thinking back it seems true. To make my embarassment worse, it was not my Grandmother who first noticed the girl flirting with me, it was my Great Grandma, who then told my Grandma (and possibly their whole table). I think my Great Grandma said something like "I hope Jason doesnt just think that girl is there to talk to the boys".

LOL, horrible horrible embarassment on my part. I've learned to identify my own flirtatious habits a bit during the course of the last year, but I am still a complete numb-skull when it comes to identifying when someone is flirting with me. Russ told me its 'about time I turn that Radar back on' which prompted me to reply with 'I dont think I ever owned that Radar', and in hindsight, if I do own a radar like that, I think I want to take a look at the manual!

UPDATE: One last thing that I forgot to mention is that, on the day of the funeral I was dressing up in the shirt a friend of mine helped me pick out for an interview, when I suddenly remembered that it would need cuff links that I dont own. Which sucked, as it was supposedly the only dress shirt that I currently fit into. But out of curiousity I tried on a shirt that was smaller (the first was 2X so the smaller one was XL) and it fit perfectly!!! WOO HOO!!! It definatly did not fit when I bought it several months ago, and it definatly did fit this time. I Proceeded to where it for the next 48 hours lol.

On another note, I had mentioned this to my Grandmother and she generously gave me some of my Grandpa's cuff links and tie clips, a nice Silver set and another one that is a nice gold colored set.