Saturday, August 18, 2007

One Week Later

Well, today is Saturday. I want to let everyone know that I picked my kids up last Friday from Provo UT, just 45 miles south of Salt Lake City. It went smoothly.

Splitting the trip up over 3 days was so much easier than driving straight there and straight back in 25 hours.

The boys and I fell back into our normal routine like nothing happened. Their language has changed a little though, they refer to killing a lot more often (and I don't know why, but it is already starting to lessen as I discourage it) and they describe things as "Big and Fat" a lot now, not people yet, but I am afraid that is next.

They were super excited about seeing all their friends at Daycare. They have been helping me pick out their Fall activities, I can't wait to sign them up (as soon as I have the money). They will definitly be in Basketball again, they both say they want to be in Soccer again so I will probably sign them up and then cancel it if they decide not to participate. Plus several Holiday related activities.

This new book series I am reading called "Tales of the Otori" is really good. I like it just as much as I expected to, possibly more. The 2nd book sounds disappointing when I describe it to people, but it was not. So very little actually happens in the book, but the Character Development is off the charts and interesting. If it were a movie, it would need to be combined into the others because not enough happens plot-wise.

I think my new sleeping schedule is causing me to have more (or remember more) dreams. Which is unfortunate, as they all have the same general theme. I guess I miss the comfort of having a woman in my life, someone to share my thoughts with and to trust. Aside from my lawyer, who has earned my trust extremely well, I don't fully trust anyone around me anymore. Not that they are untrustworthy, I am just not 100% comfortable giving people all of the information at hand. I dont know, I just feel alone in all of this.

Nicole is, once again, making things difficult. I am not sure how she thinks she can get away with agreeing to a Court Order for child support and then immediatly try to worm her way out of it. If it was unaccaptable, why are we hearing about it after she agreed to it? That, in itself, is unacceptable. She just wishes to cause me headaches, all its done is force me to decide that this will all be going through Child Support Enforcment. I will still have to deal with her directly for reimbursment of Daycare and such expenses that she will owe me, but Support Enforcement will take the money for Child Support and Back Child Support out of her Paychecks and Tax Refunds.

I would prefer we could work this out between the two of us, in fact I have tried to work all of this out between her and I directly this whole time until I got so afraid of what she was going to do that I finally went to see a lawyer and filed for Divorce and filed a restraining order. Now she wants to be a bitch because of the restraining order too, even though it didn't DO ANYTHING TO HER AT ALL. It didnt prevent her from doing anything as long as she wasn't planning to take the children in secret, which she says she wasnt. It didnt prevent her from seeing them or anything. The restraining order only prevented her from leaving the state of Washington with the boys. And once the hearing happened, the Restraining Order was simply dropped.

Her lack of understanding, her ability to reason, her wanting to blame all of her problems and the results of all of her bad actions on others... I am quite done, I cant wait for this to be over.

Time to look to the future, find someone different for me on the horizon.

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