Monday, August 6, 2007

Games Games and More Games

While I was at work today I started thinking fondly of playing board games with my boys. Its so much fun to just sit down as a family and be able to do something like that together now. Actually what I was really thinking of was Jadon's sportsmanship... lol.

I'll be leaving this thursday to drive down and get the boys. Another long trip ahead of us, we will drive from here to Boise this time, then probably head straight down to Salt Lake City to meet Nicole by 10am on Friday. Then we will go straight back to Boise and take a nap at my Uncle's place before we head back home.

4 more days :-D

I think everything is all arranged for them now, some of it I arranged right after they left though, so I am double checking everything this week to make sure. It will be so nice having them back, Im really excited.

I think Nicole will try a few more things, but with every passing moment, this custody battle seems over. I half expect my lawyer to call any time and indicate that they are ready to open up negotiations. It would really be best if we could negotiate outside of court. I tried for a long time to make that happen, but finally any communication between Nicole and I was impossible. I am glad she and I can talk again, all we talk about is the boys anyway! :-)

I met someone new online! She seems really nice, she has a cute little boy that is about 6 months younger than Tristan.

Well, I am going to go. I've got some laundry to do and a few more things to do to the boys' room before they come home.


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