Sunday, August 5, 2007

5 More Days

5 more days..

Not too Shabby really. I'll be seeing my kids again in just 5 days.. Brings a smile to my face just to say it. Though I have a lot to finish up in preperation for their arrival.

I watched the movie "The Messengers" last night, it was better than I expected, I liked it. Tonight I will probably watch Zodiac. This Netflix subscription has been worthwhile, always kept fresh stuff for me to watch while the kids were gone. I will probably be cancelling it soon though, once the kids are back we will have plenty to keep us busy!

Since the kids left I focused mostly on TV shows with Netflix, I watched both seasons of Dead Like Me, the first season of Entourage and 3 seasons of The Sopranos. Might try to watch the second season of Entourage before the week is out.

I finished Steven Pressfield's most recent novel "The Afghan Campaign". It was awesome! It was about Alexander the Great's 3 year war in what is now Afghanistan. He wrote this book seperatly from his other Alexander the Great novel so that he could point out and write about the similarities between our war on Terror today and Alexander's war 2400 years ago. It was very interesting.

I finished the last Harry Potter book too, I am very satisfied with how the book turned out. I am hoping to start, and possibly finish, my next book before the kids get back. I can read while they are here (in fact it makes a great example), but just not quite as often or for quite as long.

I spoke with the boys briefly today, they were all in PetSmart together. Apparently they want me to get this little puppy from there that is named Diesal. But i dont think so. I LOVE dogs, but I am not an indoor pet fan anymore, maybe in time, once I have a place of my own again. Hopefully soon.

Here is a list of songs I've downloaded most recently. Some are good, but some are just ok. I listen to music so often at work and when I work out now that I just need to start cycling stuff through that I don't like as much.

Plus I've been downloading a couple more Comedy albums for my trip to Salt Lake City at the end of the week to pick up my kids.

Just 5 more days..

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