Monday, July 2, 2007

Yeah, I'm a Guy

Die Hard was fricken awesome. We all loved it, I think six of us ended up all going together, and the theater was packed so we had to split up a bit.

As much as I love a good action movie like this, I am pretty much down with any movie. I can tell the difference between a high quality movie and a low quality one, but what some people consider bad I just consider entertaining in a different way. Its a very short list of movies I don't like, then I classify movies as 'good to see once'.

Its like with Horror movies, everything is made for a purpose (I mean other than money). Simply put, a horror movie is meant to frighten you. Thats thrilling to some and not to others, but regardless of who likes Horror movies, in a world without fear there would also be no bravery or heroism. Just an example though.

The anniversary was nice, 50 years is a long time. I hope I can find the right person to experience an event like that with someday. Nicole and I weren't meant for it, Im pretty stubborn though, I probably would have stuck it out. It's better this way for sure, give us both the opprotunity to be happy, and if we can both find it, that will hopefully be best for the kids too. I mean, Nicole and I really only got married because I wanted to be Jadon's father, and because we got pregnant, we were both very young.

I'm a commitment kind of guy though, I've heard most men aren't like that. But then again, not having a lot of men in my life growing up, I guess I kind of grew up with my Mom and Grandma and Great Grandma's ideas of men. I do have my Grandpa, and he has always been a great example. I know how to be a father, and I feel like I could be an excellent husband, but I want to be the boyfriend first this time, take things slow but always take them foreward.

Went out to the Lake House for my cousin Hollee's 13th birthday, knocked russ down into the lake, and helped him toss Hollee in for her birthday swim. :-)

Then we went back to his store and worked on some painting, got a little bit done, we were mostly talking though.

Anyway, its very late and I'm rambling on.

PS: I really like both Smashing Pumpkins songs Ive heard so far, so I went ahead and pre-ordered the album. I don't do that very often, but I am really hoping for the best.

PPS: Just another update, I didn't get a message back from the girl I messaged on facebook. Like I said, I wasn't expecting one, but the thought of setting myself up on a little blind date or something was interesting to me. I don't meet a lot of girls that I would want to ask out, so I was suprised to happen upon one while searching facebook so haphazerdly.

(Jason Out)

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