Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Birthday Part II

I got to speak with the kids today, and I spoke with them yesterday as well. I haven't spent this much time talking with them since they were by my side in early June.

I spoke with Nicole as well, she and I are in a place right now where we are getting along strangly well. Jadon told me she had a blood test today (thought at first I thought he said butt test..).

I brought it up with Nicole, she said she thought she was pregnant... but fortunatly she was not. I don't mean to sound heartless or rude when I say that, she agreed with my assessment. Hearing it, though, made me feel very wierd inside, a sadness I think.

The people on my new work shift have a tradition for birthdays, they always do something special for lunch on or around the day of that persons birthday. Everyone pitched in a little and they bought 6 pizzas and some pop, once we were all full they gave me the leftovers, which I then donated to the night shift (11 slices left over). It was really cool and though I said thank you several times I also sent them emails at work to thank them again, and I told them it made me feel very welcome to be on my new work shift. They also sang Happy Birthday to me in the middle of the Lunchroom, I blushed a little hehe.

Wow, each paragraph is bigger than the last. Not sure how much more I have to say right now, this is my second blog for the day.

I guess I would like to say that while a couple of my friends and I have had some rough moments lately, I am thankful and honored to be considered among your friends, and while it may seem that I ask too much some times, I do not ask for more than I think you are able to offer, nor do I ask for less than I would give you of myself in return.

I am also thankful to have such a grande and wonderful family. My amazing birthday gifts from my grandmother prompted an interesting line of thought that ran through my head most of today.

There was a time when I thought of a connection between our present and our past, in the sense that I have known many of my Great Grandparents, and if any of them knew THEIR  Great Grandparents, the Technically I knew someone that had known someone that had lived during and possibly fought in the American Civil War.

As interesting as that was, and I still find it fascinating, the line of thought I went down today stretched back to the beginning of humankind (farther really, but lets simplify this). Each of us had an Ancestor, probably many, somewhere in the world that was alive during each major historical event you have ever heard of since the dawn of civilization. Would it not be amazing if you could see who you were truly related to and when? Do I have ancient Family that were Settlers of some distant land? Do my roots draw back to a Seat on the Ancient Roman Senate? Were any of my Ancestors involved in Alexander's invasion of the Persian Empire? All things are possible, for I assure you that your roots as well as mine date back to the very beginning of Human existence. Now, I am not an Adam and Eve kind of guy, but in a very real sense, we are all tied together in a way I have never aknowledged before.

Ok, enough is enough, I'll enjoy the rest of my birthday while I can, tommarow is just a normal Thursday. Or is it? My Best Friend's wedding anniversary is tommarow!

Every day brings a new horizon for us to watch, witness, and enjoy.

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