Thursday, July 19, 2007

I saw a Stranger outside of my Window!

Talk about a freaky end to my Birthday. Im sitting here getting ready to shut my computer down when suddenly an extremely bright flash comes through my window and lights my room up.

There was no storm or anything and I was convinced that someone had just shot a camera with a bright flash through my window! It freaked me out, I was carefully looking through the window when the sounds of a huge crash started to literally shake the house, it felt like something was just ripping through the building!

I realized a couple seconds into the sound that it was a Thunderstorm, and a powerful one at that. I go to check on my mom who was sleeping and she is already out of bed, I rush outside and I see lights popping on all through the neighborhood and other people coming out to see what just shook all of our houses. I watched this storm for another hour and ten minutes before finally deciding to get to bed. It only got worse, or better depending on your outlook on a Thunderstorm. I was enthralled with the beauty of it.

There was a Stranger outside my Window, and her name was Mother Nature.

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