Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another Good Day Ruined

I woke up a little late this morning. Hard getting used to the new shift. Once the kids left I was staying awake until 5am, now with my new shift I am waking up by 4am to be there by 5. It hasn't been an easy move to make.

Ill get the hang of it, anyway, I got to work just barely on time. Was a little concerned I would be late, but fortunatly I was not. My day perked up right away, I was placed into Station 1. We commonly describe that station as "Driving the Bus" or just "The Driver" as the person at Station one generally sets the pace for the whole line.

This is a station I am still fairly new at, only halfway through my training period for it actually. Got a lot of comments today about how well I am doing though, most of my numbers (including Unit to Error ratio) are way above my co-workers, even some veterans. I am the newest Hire on the shift, but I am way ahead in my training compared to even people who have been there for 8 or 9 months.

Anyway, to compare, yesterday one of the Veterans "Drove" the line and there were a few set backs, we ended with around 150 units done for our shift. Kind of low in general. Our Goal is somewhere between 350-450 ussually, for the WHOLE day (both shifts). Our goal today was 450 and I managed to hit 250 on my shift alone, leaving only 200 more units to do to hit our goal by the Night Shift. I felt pretty proud of myself, broke my personal record for the station (which was 220 units).

At lunch I spoke with a girl that works at SEL. She and I used to go to High School together. We talked about our kids, her daughter is in the same Daycare and Pre-School class as Tristan. I spoke about my issue with the new shift starting at 6am (5am most of the time for Mandatory Overtime) and my daycare not opening until 7:30am. On the next break she indicates that she called a friend of hers and her friend wants to give me her phone number so I can call her and see if we can work something out. She would watch the kids in the morning and make sure they get on the bus to daycare/school. She would be able to watch them at 4:30am even, so I am covered even on the days I work overtime.

This is great! Exactly what I was looking for. Once I got home I realized I forgot to take down the number, so I will have to get it at work tommarow. While I am living with my mom, she will be a big help and could probably watch the boys in the morning and then take them to daycare and school. But I want to get as ready for being a single parent on my own as I can, and the fact is, once I move out and live somewhere else, it won't be convenient to have my kids in Garfield. I love that my mom has been so helpful, and I am tremendously grateful to her for accomadating my boys and I in our time of need. I just need to find a way to not NEED her, so that she can enjoy being a Grandma again and I won't have to rely on her help.

Anyway, I got home, gave Nicole a call and left a message letting her know to have the boys give me a call once she had picked them up from Daycare.

Anyway, as I said in the title, my day has been ruined. Despite feeling pretty damned good about all of the above.. So I talked to the boys about 40 min. ago..

I am not going to go and re-explain the whole name issue, but suffice to say, Nicole and I are at odds about my oldest son Jadon's Last Name. Legally it is Kentch, but she and I BOTH decided to call him Bishop on October 22nd 2002 when we got Married and Jadon was only 1 year old. We proceeded to call him Jadon Bishop and even made sure people who knew his legal name or had to have his legal name for technical purposes knew to call him Bishop as we BOTH intended on changing it at some point prior to Kindergarten. Well, after she left in March of 2006, by that summer she was militantly against it, explaining she felt it would give me some 'power' over Jadon. So he is, not legally, but in every way a Bishop. He was called Bishop for a Majority of his life and barely even knew the name of Kentch. He went by Bishop for the entire last year that he was up here with me.

Now Nicole talked to him and told him not only that he is Kentch and NOT Bishop, but she specifically told him that Daddy was WRONG. I find her selfishness and lack of parental finesse disturbing to say the least.

Nicole, if you read my blogs.. Jadon is a Bishop, it is wrong for you to use that against me, WE both decided together that he would be Bishop. You are unneccesarily confusing our children and by the end of our divorce, I assure you, he will be called bishop again, and it WILL be made his Legal name. More importantly, you will agree to it.

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