Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Weekend

So I got the first disc of Entourage and Dead Like Me from Netflix. Both were awesome. I was a little dissapointed with Disc 1 of Dead Like Me though, since I am renting them 1 disc at a time, only have 1 episode on the first disc was kind of a lame move.

Dead Like Me was cool, I really liked it and I think I will like the rest of the show too. When Im done with it I am going to check out another show by the same guy called Wonderfalls, it also looked interesting.

Entourage was awesome, is the first season really only 8 episodes!? Well I guess I am halfway done then lol. Disc 1 of the Sopranos is on its way too, I think that show will blow me away, its right up my alley... Im a Gangster after all :-L

I am going to watch Pan's Labyrinth, maybe tonight, but probably not until Monday night. I have a busy busy weekend ahead, starting friday morning.

I need to wake up early and I am going to drive up and hopefully be to Coeur d'Alene by 10 or 10:30, then by noon Russ and I will go pick up the rental car for our road trip. Then I will head back down here and work, probably until midnight, but hopefully only 11. Then I need to wake up early enough to get up to CDA AGAIN but this time by 7:30 or so, so that we can leave by 8. Mapquest says the trip is a 10 hour drive, but Ive heard that its more like 12 hours.

So hopefully we will meet Nicole between 6pm and 8pm Saturday night. Then we will decide if we want to sleep a couple hours in the car, or rotate driving and sleeping and get home as soon as we can. I am going to stay up in CDA Sunday night and probably get a little tipsy, Russ got his loan and will officially own the store starting Tuesday I believe, so we will celebrate that a little bit. Then I will return the car Monday morning and drive down here in time to exercise at the rec center for an hour, shower and then get to work.

yeah, busy busy. But I think that is what I am going to try to do, get things taken care of, keep myself busy. Its going to be hard not having the boys around, but Ill just have to get through it, Ive been told it will get easier over time. I hope I find a new Tennis Partner soon, I really want to try out the new courts, they are P-I-M-P.


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