Saturday, June 2, 2007

Stuff to Chew On

Chinese Food is Awesome.

Ok, so for Friday Lunch at SEL today we had Chinese (if you didn't get my subtle hint on the first line). It was so freakin awesome, they don't have any of the hot stuff though (they do have a good hot sauce which I like). Almond Chicken, Sesame Chicken, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Fried rice with Shrimp and Pork and Chicken all mixed together, and some other stuff (oooh beef and broccoli mmmm). So I filled up my plate so much that it almost collapsed, I had to palm the bottom of it for more support. Then halfway through eating my food I broke my fork. My fortune was awesome, it was something along the lines of "Your Charms have brought the interest of a Secret Admirer", oh yeah WOO HOO! lol

I have the car I am taking to Salt Lake City reserved, it will be a Ford Fusion or something like that. Russ and I will be leaving with the boys on early Saturday morning (June 9th). :-( this is my last week with the boys, I won't get to play with them or go places with them or anything until August.

Oh the Humanity! I can feel my body wasting away now that I am not playing Tennis. Not really, but I crave it! Hopefully soon I will have access to the WSU Rec center, that may make up for it but I am on the look out for a new Tennis Partner (or two ;-) ). The picture on my CougarCard is Damn Sexy if you ask me.

I got freakin pissed at work today, I like my job and my co-workers a lot, but now that I have been there for a month and observed, its time for things to start changing. Though that may just be a problem I have, and believe me, I don't make any friends thinking like that. I have identified quite a list of things that I want to work on changing. My issue is probably not that I try to improve things, more that I start a crusade and attempt to thwart any attempts to stall or slow my advance towards ultimate victory... at work. :-P

I ate Pizza last night, Chinese today and I am about to eat Tacos, damn thats awesome. In a "Great, but not something I shouldn't do often" kind of a way.

Since I have the energy to write at the moment, I would like to take a second more of your time and talk about the 4 main shows I watched this last season.

Lost - This show started out with a very dissapointing pass and dry storyline, but picked up speed after an extended break. Most of the season ended up being great, and the ending really makes it look like the success of season 1 wasn't a fluke.

Smallville - God it takes a long time for Clark Kent to become Superman, they better freakin make him Superman before Lex Luthor leaves the show at the end of next season. This season was good, I esspecially like the other heroes that got involved (even a Justice League esque situation was going on) Green Arrow was definatly cool, far cooler than he has ever been in the Comics anyway. The show's Season Finale ended well, smallville makes for some serious cliffhangers each season though, and this one was huge.

Supernatural - I love this show more and more. They just finished the second season of it and there were some great episodes this year (and last). The two part finale was particularly good and really played off a lot of the stuff that happened throughout the season.

Heroes - This show is phenominal! I Love it and I can't wait for more. There is already a release date listed on Amazon for the DVD, which I will give blood to buy if I have to! But I will probably not have to do that :-D. I was suprised that the finale was only 1 hour long as opposed to 2, but it worked. I actually thought that the finale was a little lackluster, but it tied up the season really well. I think if anything, they need to work on their action sequences better, and add more of them. Out of the whole show there were two really big action sequences, one of them they cut away from and you don't get to actually see it and the other one was in the finale and was kind of exactly what you expect, but not quite as exciting as you would think. I still loved it and I wouldn't possibly be able to list all of the things I liked about the show.

Wan Wan Wan

So I will probably be signing up for Netflix soon, at least for while the boys are gone. Something to curb the boredom. There are some great movies comeing to DVD and Theater this summer and I plan to see them ALL :-P . Actually I may not go see any movies, I just feel so lonely when I go to one alone now. I will go see Transformers with Russ though.

I will also be starting to write my first novel while the kids are gone. I don't expect to be done with it by the time they get back, the point of me starting while they are gone is to get a good routine going that I can continue more easily once the boys come back.

Also, I will hopefully start going to the Rec center soon. I am going to try to go before work at least 5 days per week. Once I move to days I will do it after work though. And as a side note, if I had to pick any body I have seen to model mine after, it would be Edward Norton's from American History X. But without the Tattoos. Not that I am entirely opposed to Tattoos, but I just don't want a big Swastika on my chest. Now that I have seen 300 though... nah, I think Leonidas was too buff for me to become, the Spartans were freakin ripped.

Oh yeah, don't buy the new Linkin Park album, there are a couple of ok songs, but for the most part I think it sucks donkey balls.

FYI - I ran out of writable CDs, so I intend to fix that situation.

Ok, so this is a long one. I could keep going, but it is starting to feel forced. If I have more to say, I will write another blog.

Also, just to make this a bit longer, I would like to say that I am going to go make my tacos, after which, I will proceed by eating the tacos I just made. If you would like to have some interesting information that is informative, look at the book below that I am currently reading, notice that it was released on my 26th birthday. Just 6 more weeks and I will be 27!!! Whoa!

Its sad that my boys won't be with my for my birthday :-(, but at least I get them for Nicole's birthday as retaliation!! HAHAHA, actually its the same for our respective 'Days' I get them for Mothers day and she will probably get the for most fathers days (not sure when it is, I might get it next year).

Ok bye

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