Saturday, June 30, 2007

Missing my Kids

I just got done talking to Jadon and Tristan for awhile. I miss my boys so much. :-(

It will be nice soon, once I move to the day shift I will be able to talk to them more often. I still don't want to call too much though, that didn't work out so well for Nicole when she would call too much. I can understand the urge to though, I wish I could talk to them all the time. I miss seeing them in the mornings esspecially, being awoken by your smiling kids is a good way for any day to start.

I really miss when I would wake up first, I would go crawl into Tristan's bed and he would wake up just a little and give me a big smile and a hug and then just cuddle right up next to me. Then he would wake Jadon up and he would come down and get into Tristan's bed too and we would just sit there and snooze for awhile.

I can FEEL their absence, it's like a part of me is missing. I'm a father all the time, thats who I am and that is what I've always wanted to be.

I Love my Sons very much, I miss them very much. I feel honored and privilaged to be their Father, even when its difficult. I am so very blessed to have them, and i hope that in the future I will be further blessed with more children as well. They want a little sister after all, little Julianna Isabella.

Anyway, I'm off to Spokane for the 50th Anniversary. Probably going to see Die Hard tonight too.

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