Thursday, June 14, 2007



After OVER A MONTH of nothing happening with this Child Support stuff, her lawyer finally wants to submit 'new' information, strangly skewed information that is bizzare that will make her child support payment less. This is only possible if she starts working part time, which if she did so that she pays less, talk about underhandedness. Trying to get out of helping support her children financially... I am turning red, I am going to explode...

I am locked up here in my lonely prison while she has the boys for 8 weeks. Russ wanted me to try dating a little, but I don't see how that is going to be possible when I announce that Congress has decided to declare full scale war on my 'Wife'. Her lawyer is such a pompous little b****.

I waited a long time to file for divorce, mostly out of fear for the process. But in every situation involving the boys or a serious conversation between Nicole and I, my way was always to go at it head on and take care of the problem before it is a problem for the kids too (like the name issue now), her way has always been to tell me we would 'talk about it later' (which women seem to like to say to me) and then avoid the subject unless I brought it up again. She would 'do' something or 'look up' something and tell me the result. Then the result would be a fucking joke and would be evidence enough that she didnt look up or do anything, she just waited 4 weeks and then said she did.

Now she has the boys and her lawyer is already trying to pull some shit. If she quits her job or works less just to avoud paying me child support, than she 'would' lose any respect for her that I have left, fortunatly for her, I don't respect her at all now. And damnit, I've earned that right. I may have said some mean things to her out of anger, but those are words. She has fucked with me for over a year, screwed me over for her own gain, dishonored and disrepected me. Worst of all, she destroyed our family and has tried to take my kids away from me. I am done with that, she wants to fucking play games with me, I am the god damn game master and its time for me to get back to the top of my game. Always showing my feelings and stuff, all it did was get me into trouble...

ok, between the last paragraph and now I have calmed down a little bit, I just got to talk to the boys and they are doing alright. I miss them so much. :-(

PS: This blog was harsh, its set up so only my friends can see it for a reason.

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