Thursday, June 21, 2007

Anger, lots and lots of Anger

I am so fucking tired of Nicole and her fucking bullshit, I am about to freak out. I have had enough, she is going to put me through as much shit as she can for the rest of my life.

She is barely going to even try to pay me child support and she is going to get away with it too because the court can't look at Erics information, they won't look at who is paying her car payment and insurance, or who paid for her lawyer and her $900 flight up for the hearing. They won't look at who bought an entire bedroom full of new stuff including a 32" widescreen LCD TV, they won't look at who bought two brand new in car DVD players for the kids. All the court will look at is exactly what she wants them to look at, she is manipulating what they see, even though it is obvious she won't even be paying for the daycare. GOD I WANT TO FUCKING SCREAM.

She is going to pay me just over half the ordered Child Support per month and not even address the $2000 she already owes me until mid august at the earliest, and she is trying to hold out on that until mid september in hopes that she will win custody and not have to pay it.

She hasn't financially or emotionally supported our kids in over a year and now she is going to use them and this daycare she can barely afford as an excuse to continue not supporting them.

I am doing 1000 times better with money than I ever have before and I still have none, I still can't pay the filing fee for divorce, the fee to the Guardian Ad Litem or the daycare I owe in garfield. I even had to get behind on my car payment just to drive the kids down to Utah to meet Nicole.

I guess I shouldn't do anything for myself anymore, I can't afford it.  I guess I should be the only one to make a freaking sacrifice for our kids.


Im done.

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