Thursday, May 24, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend! This is going to be awesome! My first paid vacation off from SEL!

I was planning on going up to visit my friend Russ in Coeur d'Alene all weekend long, but it turns out my cousin Tiff and her two daughters are going to be down at my Grandma's house on Saturday.

So I'm going to take my boys down to spend some time with her, she and I haven't seen much of each other the past couple of years, but while growing up she felt more like a sister to me than a cousin.

Watching her daughter Ana and Tristan play with each other always reminds me of the pictures of Tiff and I playing with each other as little kids. They are like little clones of us!

So either on Saturday night or Sunday morning I will head up to CDA and stay there probably until Monday evening.

I only have two weekends left with my boys before Nicole gets them, I'm going to miss them soooo much! It scares me that they will be so far away again, and for so long a time.

Growing to accept something and actually wanting something to happen are so very different. So many things have happened in the last few months that I wanted to happen, but an equal amount of things have happened that I will just have to accept.

I'm super excited to pass on some of the clothes I have in my car to Malachi. Some of it isn't good anymore, but they might find a use for it. There is a lot of stuff that I LOVED to put the boys in, and quite a bit of stuff that is in decent to great condition. There are a few things that have been passed down through both my nephews Isaiah and Elijah, and then worn by both my boys Jadon and Tristan, and they are still in great condition.

Pan's Labirinth is out, I really want to watch it. Money is so tight right now though, I barely spend anything on myself. Kind of the reason behind my push to make my own lunches more often for work.

Well, I am going to go get the boys ready for daycare and make some lunch. I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend.

Remember, it is not too late to change the course of your life, but to those friends that I may never see again, I wish you a fond farewell.

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