Friday, March 2, 2007

I am not a Pinata

I just finished watching the gag real on School for Scoundrels and it was pretty awesome. The movie was definatly funny, Todd Philips seems to have a good eye for Comedy (Road Trip, Old School). The Alternate ending was good too, I think the one they used was better for sure, but both would have worked.

So I picked up my Racket today and found a good court to play on, should be starting Tennis this Sunday! Should be a great way for me to exercise and just get out of the house and do my own thing. Might take the kids with me sometimes if we make it a regular thing, there are parks and stuff by each court and the kids will have plenty to do. Maybe even show them a little Tennis (not that Im an expert lol).

I also bought the kids some stuff for Soccer, a collapsable goal for them to practice with and shin guards for both boys (I bought one white pair and one black pair and I had a quick test to figure out who got to pick the color they wanted). We have a ball, but shhhh, dont tell him, I bought Tristan a cute Spongebob soccer ball for his upcoming birthday!

Unfortunatly one big party like I wanted wasnt going to work out very well, so Im having several little parties for him. First we are going to be spending a night or two up in Bellingham for Elijah's birthday and we will probably celebrate Tristans a little too, hopefully we will see all 4 cousins while we are there.

Next, Nicole is supposedly coming, Im holding off on telling the boys until I get a flight confirmation though. So when she comes we will have a little party for him with her, and if she wants she can go with him to school on the day I am taking Cupcakes to his class.

I took him in to help pick out his Cake, looks like its going to be Spongebob this year for sure (he wanted a spongebob cake for his birthday 6 months ago when we picked out Jadons cake too lol).

I way overdid Christmas, so with their birthdays this year I plan to downplay the presents and put more of an emphisis on activities and making it a family event. So in the beginning of April we are going to do something special up in Coeur d'Alene or Spokane and get as many people to come as we can. I was going to try to plan that as the main party and do it while Nicole was planning on being here, but a lot of people werent going to be able to make it that week.

Anyway, thats it for now, Im going to head into town tonight go down to the daily grind at 8pm so I can watch my friend Wes's gig.

Maybe Ill see a few people I know there.