Thursday, February 22, 2007

Strange but True

So I watched the Prestige a couple of days ago. It was awesome. Now I have seen both magician related movies I was waiting for.

It was kind of a strange thing; Edward Norton and Christian Bale are two of my favorite actors so it was strange to see them make these movies at relatively the same time.

I knew the movies were going to be very different, and I was more excited about The Prestige than The Illusionist. I would have to say that The Illusionist was an awesome movie, but that the story for The Prestige was far more intriguing.

I really liked both movies, and while I feel as though the Prestige was a stronger piece, I also feel a little disappointed by two aspects of it.

First, I figured out Christian Bale's character's secret well before the movie was even half over. It did not ruin the movie for me, but I was a little disappointed.

Second, I don't want to post any real spoilers for people who haven't seen the movie yet, but the truth behind Hugh Jackman's final stunt was also a big disappointment. I hopefully won't reveal too much when I say that it gives the movie a slight sci-fi twist (the kind of science fiction you might see in Tales from the Crypt). I hate it when good movies have to resort to these kinds of tricks. A movie that comes to mind in this regard is The Forgotten with Julianne Moore. It seemed like it was going to be so good, the first half keeps the possibilities open to anything. But then it was freaking aliens.

Stupid Freaking Aliens.

So the movie was still good, and I still liked it a ton, but I did expect a bit more.

Also, I watched it right away, and since then I haven't had a chance to exchange it. I was doing something more important, Jadon got sick on Wednesday and I had to leave work early to watch him, then today Tristan got sick and then Jadon was sent home early because he got sick again. So Ive missed some work, but they are letting me make up my hours on Saturday so I won't miss too many.

If the boys feel up to it I will be taking them into town tommarow. Let them pick out a movie for my day off.

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