Saturday, February 17, 2007

I Am Sam-Urai

The title won't ever have any meaning really. I just thought it was an entertaining play on words.

So The Departed is awesome, I'm definatly happy to own it. I also picked up the Boondock Saints. Another On Faith purchase, about to watch it too.

I took the boys up to visit their cousin Malachi for a night, we spent some time at the gaming store, McDonalds and the Park. The highlight of our weekend was our first experience with Nintendo's new console, the Wii.

It was awesome! I saw a little bit of the new Zelda game, but we mostly focused on the games Wii Sports and Wii Play. Generally it was just Russ and I playing against each other, but Yvonne would join in on some games. I played an awesome game of bowling, getting somewhere around 220 points I believe. I was just kind of in the zone for it though. The rest of the time I looked pretty funny. Russ kicked my butt through most of it. The Tank game, and billiards was also pretty cool.

The boys played each other at Tennis and Baseball, and they did pretty dang well. I really want to pick up a Wii, and now I know for sure I will be. I am definatly going to hold off though, until after we are set up in a place of our own.

I got some pics of the boys playing Tennis, they got really into it, and were both fairly decent sportsman throughout. Compared to some other games they have played anyway.

I am getting ready to plan my son Tristan's 4th birthday party. Because of our situation last year, I was not able to be with him for his 3rd. I am looking foreward to Easter this year as well, since I had to miss that last year too.

I just want to let any and everyone who reads this who knows my kids, that I am confident that Nicole and I can work together towards what is best for our children. On monday, that confidence wavered a bit. She gave me the answer to a question I had asked and indicated that she wouldn't be cooperating with me. Its unfortunate, but the very next day when I was speaking with her about the possabilities, she still seemed receptive to my ideas.

I have already waited too long and given her too many opprotunities to come to, what I believe to be, the right choice. I am now in the process of dealing with lawyers and getting the papers filled out and hopefully in the near future they will be filed and served to Nicole. That will be the moment of truth, will she contest it like she has said, pitting us against each other in an attempt to show a stranger who is the better parent? Or will she keep the power of decision in our own hands and trust me.

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