Thursday, February 1, 2007

Cheezy Movies & Me

Well, here I am again. Feels like its been a couple of weeks, at least, since my last blog.

Several things have changed in that time. Im getting a lot more sleep due to my new work schedule. ShopKo is getting rid of their overnights company wide, so I moved to the mornings. I have to wake up by 2:30 am, but its still more sleep than I have been getting since February.

I uploaded a few new pictures of myself and the boys, picked up a nice new camera for a reasonable price and its working out really well.

I signed the boys up for some sports, so this spring (starting in March) they will both be doing Soccor, Basketball and Swimming. I signed Jadon up for T-Ball as well, but that starts a little later.

Im still hanging out with Sarah at Blockbuster regularly. Its a lot easier with my new schedule though, as I can just stop by there after work. I think she is a little dissapointed because I don't bring my kids in with me as often as before, but I bring them in when I can. There is a new girl named Amber there, and she is pretty cool too. Sarah was sick yesterday, so I hope she is feeling better this morning.

Anyway, I just watched the movie Slither. It wasn't quite as bad as I had expected it to be. Actually I liked it, I knew it was going to be pretty cheesy from the get go, its always good to know what to expect from a movie. I wonder if they are going to make a sequel, they left the most interesting characters alive and also made an opening for one at the end of the credits.

I tried watching the movie Farce of the Penguins last night, but I think Im growing accustom to going to bed early as I wasn't able to stay awake for it. I might just return it, or try again tonight.

I am looking foreward to watching the movie Unknown, the previews made it look awesome.

I just saw a trailer over on Apple's website that looks very awesome. Its for a movie staring Mark Wahlberg called Shooter. Check it out!

Well, Ill be taking more pictures of the boys and hopefully updating their website in the near future.

Talk to everyone later!

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