Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Well, I'm off to bed.

Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny freakin Rocks! I Loved that movie, I might just have to go pick it up.

Everyone should head over to my MySpace Pictures and check out the new hulked out versions of myself and Jadon, plus a cute pic of me and the boys in Silverwood last June.

Looks like I may have found a Tennis partner, that would be great. I love Tennis, though I haven't played it in like a decade or something.

Anyway, Night All!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Strange but True

So I watched the Prestige a couple of days ago. It was awesome. Now I have seen both magician related movies I was waiting for.

It was kind of a strange thing; Edward Norton and Christian Bale are two of my favorite actors so it was strange to see them make these movies at relatively the same time.

I knew the movies were going to be very different, and I was more excited about The Prestige than The Illusionist. I would have to say that The Illusionist was an awesome movie, but that the story for The Prestige was far more intriguing.

I really liked both movies, and while I feel as though the Prestige was a stronger piece, I also feel a little disappointed by two aspects of it.

First, I figured out Christian Bale's character's secret well before the movie was even half over. It did not ruin the movie for me, but I was a little disappointed.

Second, I don't want to post any real spoilers for people who haven't seen the movie yet, but the truth behind Hugh Jackman's final stunt was also a big disappointment. I hopefully won't reveal too much when I say that it gives the movie a slight sci-fi twist (the kind of science fiction you might see in Tales from the Crypt). I hate it when good movies have to resort to these kinds of tricks. A movie that comes to mind in this regard is The Forgotten with Julianne Moore. It seemed like it was going to be so good, the first half keeps the possibilities open to anything. But then it was freaking aliens.

Stupid Freaking Aliens.

So the movie was still good, and I still liked it a ton, but I did expect a bit more.

Also, I watched it right away, and since then I haven't had a chance to exchange it. I was doing something more important, Jadon got sick on Wednesday and I had to leave work early to watch him, then today Tristan got sick and then Jadon was sent home early because he got sick again. So Ive missed some work, but they are letting me make up my hours on Saturday so I won't miss too many.

If the boys feel up to it I will be taking them into town tommarow. Let them pick out a movie for my day off.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I Am Sam-Urai

The title won't ever have any meaning really. I just thought it was an entertaining play on words.

So The Departed is awesome, I'm definatly happy to own it. I also picked up the Boondock Saints. Another On Faith purchase, about to watch it too.

I took the boys up to visit their cousin Malachi for a night, we spent some time at the gaming store, McDonalds and the Park. The highlight of our weekend was our first experience with Nintendo's new console, the Wii.

It was awesome! I saw a little bit of the new Zelda game, but we mostly focused on the games Wii Sports and Wii Play. Generally it was just Russ and I playing against each other, but Yvonne would join in on some games. I played an awesome game of bowling, getting somewhere around 220 points I believe. I was just kind of in the zone for it though. The rest of the time I looked pretty funny. Russ kicked my butt through most of it. The Tank game, and billiards was also pretty cool.

The boys played each other at Tennis and Baseball, and they did pretty dang well. I really want to pick up a Wii, and now I know for sure I will be. I am definatly going to hold off though, until after we are set up in a place of our own.

I got some pics of the boys playing Tennis, they got really into it, and were both fairly decent sportsman throughout. Compared to some other games they have played anyway.

I am getting ready to plan my son Tristan's 4th birthday party. Because of our situation last year, I was not able to be with him for his 3rd. I am looking foreward to Easter this year as well, since I had to miss that last year too.

I just want to let any and everyone who reads this who knows my kids, that I am confident that Nicole and I can work together towards what is best for our children. On monday, that confidence wavered a bit. She gave me the answer to a question I had asked and indicated that she wouldn't be cooperating with me. Its unfortunate, but the very next day when I was speaking with her about the possabilities, she still seemed receptive to my ideas.

I have already waited too long and given her too many opprotunities to come to, what I believe to be, the right choice. I am now in the process of dealing with lawyers and getting the papers filled out and hopefully in the near future they will be filed and served to Nicole. That will be the moment of truth, will she contest it like she has said, pitting us against each other in an attempt to show a stranger who is the better parent? Or will she keep the power of decision in our own hands and trust me.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Couldn't Resist

So today I bought The Departed. I cant wait to watch it. I also rented the new superhero movie Zoom, and while I was there Sarah told me she had found a copy of Karate Dog, so I picked that up. The boys are super excited, they loved that movie.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


I just finished watching a movie that Amber at Blockbuster suggested to me. She was right, it was funny. Though, to me it was definatly a dark comedy.

Im entirely done with Nicole, but I can't move on. I need to, but I am afraid of whatever is beyond the next horizon of my life.

Im not afraid of commitment, I am not afraid of finding someone new. Im afraid of losing even another small chunk of my kids lives. I can't move foreward, I can't file for divorce or move to my own apartment. I don't really know who to trust, or how to trust anymore.

I play the what if game with myself way too much, I can not move to Phoenix, it is not right for my kids, but at the same time, if I don't, that means we will have to fight over them. That is a battle that I am not sure I can win, with all my bravado about it, in the end, in the eyes of the court, I am just the father and they need their mother more.

I don't believe that is true in this case, they need her, they need us both. And as much as she will say that I am the one that is preventing us from both being with them at the same time, the truth is, she took herself out of our family equation. She moved to some distant place, and started a life without us.

She, like her mother, will make herself believe whatever she needs to believe to justify her actions. It is obvious that the people she is with define her to an extent that I wasn't ready to believe.

I need to file for divorce, I have to file. I can't lose my kids. I am their father. They are my sons. That is all I want. I have to be there when they go to their first days of school, I have to be there for their school plays and sporting events, I have to be there for their first girlfriends, and their camping trips, I have to take them to see great sights and locations and most important of all, I ahve to be there every night to let them know that they are safe and that daddy is there to protect them and will never be too far from them and that they will never be too far from my mind or my heart. I can not bear the thought of not seeing my kids again.

I can not allow them to move to pheonix, I can not lose this, but I am not prepared to do what needs to be done in order to win. I would not be a good person if I damaged their mother in that way, but she won't budge, she wont listen to reason. She knows what is right but she is afraid that choosing that path makes her a bad mother, but if its the right choice, even if it means you see them less then that makes you a good mother and a brave person. What is right is not always what is easy, or well thought of, what is right can be a hard path to follow.

They can not move to phoenix, I can not move them away from their family and so many people that want to be in their lives. I will follow wherever they go, because if I lose this case, they lose most everything, and they will never lose me, never. But I can't lose, I know in my heart what is right for them, but unfortunatly it is not up to just myself.

I must fight for them and what I believe is right for them, but I am hesitant, I know that fighting is only the 2nd best path for them. The Best path is if Nicole and I can agree, so that they know with confidence that This is what both Daddy and Mommy agree is best.

I know I can't wait for Nicole to agree with me forever, and I know that I will have to get this process started with or without her.

I Love my kids, I love them more than I ever thought I could love anything.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Yeah Baby

So just so everyone knows, the movie "Unknown" was freakin awesome!

I picked up the Double Feature DVD with Scooby Doo and Scooby Doo 2, the kids love those movies, I am suprised it took me so long to get them. Maybe now they will stop trying to rent them when we go to Blockbuster.

My little cousin Braydon will be turning 1 year old in just a couple of days (Feb. 5th), we are going to go to his party next weekend which is down at my Grandparents house. Should be lots of fun, I think he will like the present we bought for him.

I love my kids, and I love little babies, I hope I have the opprotunity to have more in the future. Guess I have to find the right girl first, and hope she isn't already with someone else.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Cheezy Movies & Me

Well, here I am again. Feels like its been a couple of weeks, at least, since my last blog.

Several things have changed in that time. Im getting a lot more sleep due to my new work schedule. ShopKo is getting rid of their overnights company wide, so I moved to the mornings. I have to wake up by 2:30 am, but its still more sleep than I have been getting since February.

I uploaded a few new pictures of myself and the boys, picked up a nice new camera for a reasonable price and its working out really well.

I signed the boys up for some sports, so this spring (starting in March) they will both be doing Soccor, Basketball and Swimming. I signed Jadon up for T-Ball as well, but that starts a little later.

Im still hanging out with Sarah at Blockbuster regularly. Its a lot easier with my new schedule though, as I can just stop by there after work. I think she is a little dissapointed because I don't bring my kids in with me as often as before, but I bring them in when I can. There is a new girl named Amber there, and she is pretty cool too. Sarah was sick yesterday, so I hope she is feeling better this morning.

Anyway, I just watched the movie Slither. It wasn't quite as bad as I had expected it to be. Actually I liked it, I knew it was going to be pretty cheesy from the get go, its always good to know what to expect from a movie. I wonder if they are going to make a sequel, they left the most interesting characters alive and also made an opening for one at the end of the credits.

I tried watching the movie Farce of the Penguins last night, but I think Im growing accustom to going to bed early as I wasn't able to stay awake for it. I might just return it, or try again tonight.

I am looking foreward to watching the movie Unknown, the previews made it look awesome.

I just saw a trailer over on Apple's website that looks very awesome. Its for a movie staring Mark Wahlberg called Shooter. Check it out!

Well, Ill be taking more pictures of the boys and hopefully updating their website in the near future.

Talk to everyone later!