Tuesday, December 5, 2006


I would just like to start out by saying that Nicole is driving me freaking crazy. Her emotional ups and downs kill me. Things always seem to go well as far as us cooperating, but then she always brings it down somehow, and then finds a way to blame me for it.

I tell you, she makes this break easier everyday. But everyday it gets more and more complicated as far as the children and where I am going to live is concerned.

She says she wants to be my friend, and she used to be one of the best friends Ive ever had, but Ive never been betrayed so deeply by anyone before... and sometimes, maybe always, she doesnt even think she has done anything wrong.

Anyway, I dont want this blog to turn into a regular rant about my soon-to-be ex.

To change the subject, Clerks II is awesome. Freakin hilarious. "Dude, their not Gay their Hobbits" one of the best lines in the history of cinema. As far as fond memories with Nicole go, that was one of them. Nicole and I sitting in the theater watching The Return of the King. One of us mentions how gay the hobbits are at the end of the movie, and as that 'going away' boat scene goes, it gets pretty gay. We were dying trying not to make noise laughing in the theater.

I signed up for the movie pass at Blockbuster, wasnt doing really well with mail in services, and I pass by blockbuster all the time anyway. It helps that there is an awesome girl there that I could possibly talk to forever. [<------- Until she got in trouble for that anyway ------->]

So let me update that list of movies I put up last week:
Nov 28
Superman Returns (done)
Clerks II (done)
Superman II - The Richard Donner Cut
The Ant Bully (done)

Dec 5
Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest (next)
Miami Vice
Beerfest (next)
Pulse (new)

Dec 12
Talladega Nights
World Trade Center
Fox and the Hound 2

Dec 19
Lady in the Water
My Super Ex-Girlfriend
A Scanner Darkly

Dec 26
Jackass - Number Two
The Descent

Jan 2
Snakes on a Plane
The Covenant

Jan 9+
The Illusionist

So its looking pretty good so far. We rented Clerks 2 today, and The Goonies. First time the kids have seen it, Jadon LOVED it. He searched for hidden treasure with his mock 'treasure map' off and on the rest of the night. They both Love Pirate movies, thats why I am getting the new one out tommarow. When the movie came out in theater they had toys at McDonalds, and one of them was a pirate bandanna. The boys love to wear them still too, with thier red capes that someone made for them.

I guess I should explain the title as some point before the end of my blog. I just saw the preview for the movie Fanboys and it looks freakin hilarious. It was one of the previews on the Clerks II DVD. Im still watching it and Im at the point in the movie that is the most strange. The weird dance number.

In 'news' today, found out my friends Russ & Yvonne are not having a girl named Ava, but in fact, a boy named Gabriel. In about 10 years, russ and I will have populated our own gaming league. Not that Ava couldnt have been a gamer I suppose.

Anyway, ive been sitting at the cursor for 20 min. watching the Donkey Show in Clerks II, so I guess Ive ran out of things to say. For Now.

Later All

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