Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Well I just saw Beerfest, that movie was freakin hilarious! I Loved it. I would have to say it was definatly their best movie so far, with Supertroopers coming up a close second.

I would have to say that it isnt the writing that got funnier, its their movie making. I think their experience is starting to show, super troopers proved they had the material, now they have the experience to back it up on screen.

I titled this 'Christmas' because I am frustrated with my life right now and Christmas is just going to show me why.

I dont know what Nicole's issue is, she called and told me today that she probably wont be able to come for christmas and that she will try to come afterwards. Which is just sucky, Ive already told the kids that she is coming, she wasnt going to be able to be here on Christmas Day, but it was going to be just a couple of days before. Christmas will be over by the time she comes now.

She said it was because the price went up for Tickets, but I just checked and the price Dropped $120 from last week. Its still way expensive compared to regular times of the year, but she was buying the ONE ticket to avoid the cost of buying FOUR tickets, so in theory this was supposedly the cheaper way for her to have christmas anyway.

The stupid part about it is that I have been reminding her about it. And not like just last week, Ive been talking to her about Christmas since the End of October. I have been pushing her to figure it out and once she did I reminded her constantly that she needed to buy the tickets early.

So when does she try to buy them? 10 days before she is supposed to be here. She said she is sorry and that she knows she made a mistake, but thats crap. Its not a situation where you can say "Oops I forgot", Ive been reminding her for the last 6 weeks or more. Christmas is an important family holiday, now its just another casualty of her selfish quest that forces 3 of the 4 of us down paths that will hurt us.

And she wants us to be friends, she doesnt even freakin listen to me. Last week I wasnt sure if we could ever be friends because we always fight, but even if we can find a way to get along, I cant talk to her without starting to feel upset inside, which tends to surface in the end of our conversations. Even if she can stop freaking out on me, Im still not sure I could ever move down there and be around her all the time. Sometimes I can barely talk to her now, and the two times I have been around her in the last 8 months have been very painful.

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