Sunday, November 12, 2006

Work and Life

I'm going to be completely and totally honost, ShopKo sucks now. Their managment are running it into the ground and if they put that new Super Walmart across the street we are done for. I think that this ShopKo could stand a fighting chance if they pulled themeselves together, but I don't foresee that happening.

The main problem is, they don't want to fix the problems they have, and they want to hide behind their excuses all the time. I do what I can, but I am just one person and because of the way the store is organized now, I am pretty busy doing my own job, let alone theirs.

Ofcourse, I just got an email from two of the managers today that essentially said to sit down and shut up. They don't actually talk to me like that, it was worded quite nice, in a very condescending, pat on the head sort of way.

It was in reply to a rather mean email I sent to them though, so I was half expecting it. I get pretty pissed off at the managers and I have a hard time making the things I send them sound nice. They are still professional, but they come off very "Holier than Thou". If I was them, I would hate to have an employee like me!

Well, I am trying to get on at WSU still so hopefully something will come of that. ShopKo isnt giving me the people or the raise I asked for, and I already told the manager I am looking for something new, so if they want me to train anybody they need to find them now. If I had thought about this ahead of time I would have found a new job by now and given my two week notice on this last tuesday, then my last day would have been the day before they needed to do the Thanksgiving Ad Set and they would have been royally screwed without me. But I wouldnt ever do that...

One thing that really made me crank it up a notch is that I just found out they got one of their better employees, that they have had awhile, to quit. Its a crazy story, but one I have heard before. Hopefully Adrian finds a good job with some people who appreciate him.

Well, this Thanksgiving will be (kind of, weird since its thanksgiving) my 10 year anniversary of my first day of work. Which happened to be at ShopKo, back when I was a Sophmore in High School. This will be my 5th Christmas with ShopKo (4 consecutive 96,97,98,99, then 5th one is 06).

Anyway, not sure if I should post this or not, but I am down to 264 now, think I should try checking my weight just once a week or so, but its easier to add it to my daily routine. Thats 18lb Ive lost so far, and it will keep getting better.

Tonight is family game night, going to break out one of the games Jadon got for his birthday and see what we can do with it.

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