Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Weight Issue part 2

Well, already mentioned my new information a bit, but I wanted to get down and dirty on the subject. Fact is, I just wanted to excercise until I was satisfied, but I think setting real world Goals will be a bit more constructive.

First I would like to mention that when I moved back home I weighed around 280 lb. More than I have ever weighed before in my life and it wasnt the best feeling in the world.Over the next 3 months I gained 2 lb. so I was up to 282. Then I got my kids up here with me and started playing with them and drinking less Soda and eating better and I dropped 10 lb. like it was nothing.

So I was down to 272, good weight loss, but still WAY too much baggage (Airforce says my Target is around 179!!! but I have heard their system is kind of distorted, so Im not aiming to go that low). It can be difficult to do some things when you have little kids around, and it was challenging for me to figure out exactly how I wanted to proceed with my Weight Loss.

After I found out some.. information.. in the beginning of October, I found an unholy motivation within myself to discover a way to proceed with losing weight.

I started exercising for the wrong reasons, but walking has been a way of exercising both my body and my mind. It allows me a level of focus like nothing else can. Speaking of which, I mentioned I am walking.

Thats right, Walking. I have discovered it to be a great way for me to get into shape. That is what I did the first time I lost a lot of weight (right before I met my ex), I was walking 40 miles per week on average. The major difference is, at the time, it was a necesitty. I did not have a car, it was 2 1/2 miles to work and 5 miles to my friends. There were some days I would walk to work and back and then to my friends and back (15 miles altogether). Within 4 months of doing that I went from size 44" waist to a 32" or 34". Pretty good if you ask me.

Which brings me to my current issue, motivation. Obviously now that I have a car, I dont "NEED" to walk anywhere. But I found a fairly flat surface in my backyard and just started doing it. I walk a fairly short distance and then turn around and walk back, then I do that about 100 times or so for 45 minutes. Or at least that is how I started.

I got some advice from a friend at work that I should ad weights (I think he called them 'resistance' weights or something) so I recently picked up 2 pair of 10lb weights. Ive added 10lb to each ankle and wrist, for a total of 40lb. extra (my current weight is 265, so that makes me about 305 with the weights).

I had taken a break for about a week from my walking and I finally started again this week. Now I will be walking about 80 times that length, and because of the added weight it is taking me about 40 min. When I say Im "walking" I mean that I am literally walking as fast as I possibly can while maintaining a reasonable breathing rate.

The number of times I walk that length is really not important, as it will increase over time. The point is how long I am exercising for, and keeping my heart rate high. So as I gain more strength and lose more weight (making the new strength even more effective) I will get faster and faster. When I first started walking the first time, it took me an hour to walk to work (2 1/2 miles), by the time I was done it only took 30 min. Half the Time!

Anyway, Ill keep people up to date. As far as goals go, I think losing 15 lb. per month is a great, and attainable goal. I hope for more than that, but Im not looking for some weight loss scheme or something, I want to lose this the right way so that I can keep it off the right way.

So hopefully by December I will be around 250, and maybe by christmas I will be to 235. I think I was at about 220 when I had a 34" waist (but I cant say for sure), overall my goal is to get down to about 200lb. It sounds a little high to me, but I also intend on building up some muscle to, I hear muscle actually HELPS KEEP weight off. Plus Ill look like a pimp (I wouldnt mind looking like Edward Norton's character from American History X, but without the tattoos, well, if I got one, which I wouldnt, it would be a Lambda, symbol of Sparta).

Well, chances are you got bored and stopped reading by now. If that is true, than you missed the best part. :-P

Im out

-Without courage, wisdom is useless. For many wise decisions follow a difficult, but rewarding, path.
This quote attributed to Jason Bishop, 1980-Current

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