Sunday, November 5, 2006

Very Nice

I like MySpace more and more. I keep finding peope I grew up with, People I met in Bellingham, People I met in Everett, People I am meeting Now. Its lots of fun.

Im getting more comments and everything. Though I am just now waking up and Im not sure what the crap is going on really.

I have the serious urge to sit down and play some Final Fantasy right now, but I must resist its temptation! Until my boys are old enough to help me play it, or I find a girlfriend that wants to play games with me, I need to just put the controller down and pick up a book or play with my kids. But it is final fantasy after all, the final one Im sure.

You know its kind of ridiculous now actually. Before you could justify the title by saying that, at least it was 'The Final Fantasy' for each story, because they would move on to another new world entirely for each entry in the series. But now there is Final Fantasy X-2 and a couple different Final Fantasy XIII planned, Final Fantasy XII is in the FFTactics world and now they are milking FFVII for everything they can (and we appreciate it Squaresoft, dont get us wrong), but that cow is going to look sick by the time thier done with it.

Anyway, had to get my 'just got out of bed' rant out of the way. Also, if you become a regular reader of my Blog you might notice that I tend to use 'Anyway' a lot. Also, if your my ex-wife you might like to notice that i say alot instead of a lot, a lot. And also misspell thier and Wierd alot too. ;-P but just keep reminding me, I am sure that eventually they will take that out of spell checkers world wide and make me work for myself for a change.

Wow, two 'just got out of bed' rants, my readers are getting lucky with this post.

You know, I hate admitting this, but I think my ex-wife was right about at least one thing. I was more in love with the concept of marriage and our family than with her. But either way, I was in love with it enough to stay with her for the rest of our lives, and to want to try to fix our simple but frustrating issues. whoa, stop Jason or you might just give the people 3 for 3 on the 'just got out of bed' rants. lol

I am clearly a talented blogger (giving myself plenty of credit is part of my high 'control freak' score from an earlier blog post), and I was planning on saying something witty when I started this paragraph, but that side note about the Control Freak test made me lose my train of thought.

-Jason 'Xercius' Bishop

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