Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Update on Weight Issue

I forgot, I just wanted to let people know that I am close to 20lb. lost so far. I dont think I look any different yet, but my pants are definatly looser and Ive dropped down to the final notch on my belt. I will probably buy a new belt soon and wait on new pants, waste of money if I don't really. I intend to lose 3-4 times this amount of weight overall.

I got a little chubby in middle school and just kept it for awhile, then in Bellingham I got out on my own and lost a lot of it, dont know what I was down to, but I had dropped from a 44" waist down to a 34" or 32", in a span of 4 months. I intend to try that again, I just picked up two pair of 10lb. weights for my ankles and wrists, so I will be adding 40lb. of weight to my 45 min. walks. Should have some interesting results I hope.

I was all the way up to a 48" waist, now I think I may be almost back down to a 44", hopefully. In another month I should be almost to 40", seems a little fast, but now that I am not married anymore, I feel much more capable.

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