Monday, November 6, 2006

Time to wake up?

Well I slept during yesterday a bit, since I work nights and all, but then since tonight is my only night off this week I went to bed again. Now i feel like I got enough sleep for once this year.

Ofcourse, turned out to not be as much as I thought it was. Accidently set my clock ahead 1 hour when I set my alarm last night. Good thing I didnt go right in and wake the boys up, what a disaster that would have been.

I think I will get a 'quick' game of Civilization IV in before they need to wake up. Those of you who have played Civ IV will know that it is not possible to play a 'quick' game, but oh well.

Oh and I hope everyone likes what I have done to my profile. If there is anything that is hard to read, let me know. Esspecially the custom contact box. It is a bit difficult for me to read, but I use the rez 1280x1024, but let me know how it looks on smaller the smaller rez.

Feel free to post the comments and such.

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