Friday, November 24, 2006


So, bad beginning to a long weekend. Driving to work on Wednesday night and my tire popped. Only took me 20 min. to change it in the cold rainy weather, but ended up being 10 min late for work.

That worked to my advantage though, freaked the managers out and they started helping me with the Thanksgiving Ad. Night went smooth after that.

Didnt want to drive to Clarkston after work with just a stupid Doughnut tire on, so I parked my car at Les Schwab and my Grandpa and Rick came and got me for Thanksgiving.

We had a great time, tons of food and desserts and family. My cousin Bryan was there too, he goes to school in Moscow and I didnt realize this, but it was his first time meeting my kids EVER. And to make up for lost time they are going to spend one day a week with him (even follow him to classes and 'help' him with homework and lab work, should be interesting). For those of you taking me literally, I am joking. Take a breath there Bryan .

Didnt have to work until Midnight Thursday night, so I went in and got some sleep, then drove my Step Dad's truck up to work. Put out the Black Friday sale (which wasnt all that great, prices were good, but selection of items was bad). We opened at 5, which is GREAT, since I got to clock out at 5! HAHAHAHA .

Then guess what I did next? I went shopping on Black Friday for the first time EVER. Well, my mom might have taken me once or twice as a kid, but Im just talking about since I started working in Retail. This was my 11th christmas in Retail, 5th at ShopKo. Numbers Im not particularly proud of.

I didnt do any christmas shopping though, I bought my little cousin Malachi a couple Birthday presents. He is turning (or perhaps, has turned) 2! I cant recall the actual day, but his party is on Dec. 2nd.

Apparently Fisher Price doesnt make a "My Size" Yoda for kids. Which is retarded since he IS, in fact, their size. There is a dancing Spiderman that sings the Itsy Bitsy spider, but its not Peter Parker's voice, so I think its a fake!

I hope everyone had a great day and safe shopping people!

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