Monday, November 20, 2006


Well, the girl I had a bit of a crush on wasn't interested. Unfortunate, but kind of a relief. Once I decided I wanted to try, it became more than obvious that I am not ready.

I just watched the movie The Break-up and there are some interesting parallels. I read this article called Walk Away Wife Syndrome, and it seems to apply to the movie to a degree as well.

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I definatly think there was a moment where I would say something like "Why would I ever 'Want' to do the dishes?" or Garbage for that matter.

Ive learned so much about relationships, but I know almost nothing about dating and getting to that point again. Kind of intimidating, especially now that you throw kids into the mix.

The exercising isnt going as I planned. Slowed down a bit now that the weather is changing. Also, I think my body is having a hard time handling the lack of sleep I have been putting it through for the last 5 months. Despite not exercising as much as I wanted, I lost 2 more pounds and have made it a round 20 lb lost.

If I decide to try to ask someone else out, there is this cute girl I met at Blockbuster that is really nice. I dont think Ill be doing that though, I just cant tell if Im 'not ready' or if Im just telling myself that. [<------- Um, awkward, I think she probably read this, but its something I wrote before I found out she had a boyfriend :-) I swear! ------->]

Anyway, Im out for now.

PS: Download MySpaceIM and chat with me sometime (any of you) or I also use AIM, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo! and especially Google Talk!

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