Monday, November 13, 2006

Money and the Weather

Well, first off, the subject is Money and the Weather, but there is no information or comments about Money (other than this) in the post. It just sounded like a much better title than "The Weather".

The weather is crazy here right now, it has been all night. Our portable Carport blew away and wrapped itself around the Noon Siren (yes... garfield has a noon siren... and yes... it goes off at 12 o'clock every freakin day). Wind and Hail all night it seemed, plus this crazy wind. The boy's school lost some of its roof as well.

I added a new picture, its a newspaper clip with my kids in it, very cool stuff! I also posted it to my kids website, if you wanted to check that out here.

Well, I have more to say, but it can wait until later. Thanks All!

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