Wednesday, November 8, 2006


Hey there everybody, not really sure if I should write this as if people are reading it (like a news post) or if I should write it to myself (like a diary).

I just wanted to post a little update about the people on my Friends list, so that everybody knows who is who, in relation to myself.

First up is bobbyloathes you, this is a crazy guy I met in Bellingham, he was the coolest Janitor ever. We were roomates for a little while, until he decided he wanted to be a pothead instead of a police officer and moved back home to portland. lol

Next is WILL, he was a manager of mine while I worked at Sears. He is a damn cool guy, but not the best at keeping in touch (hint hint).

Patti has been a friend to my Mom and I for a long time, she has two boys and a girl that arent too much younger than me (went to high school briefly with her boys).

SAR BAR is Patti's daughter Sara, she is going to college up at Western in Bellingham. She apparently likes Canadians, which is good considering her proximity to them at the moment.

"The Original" Jason Jizzy is actually Sean, another Crazy ass Gamer I met up in Bellingham. He is currently deployed in Iraq.

Jen is my soon-to-be ex-wife's sister. I will always consider her my sister and I will always consider her two boys my Nephews.

Sergentzimm is Russ, he has been my best friend for 14 years now, and we have known each other for 17 years (since we were in the 3rd grade in 89-90). I guess he just thought I was a spaz those first 3 years... ass.

*Angie* was another one of my Co-Workers at Sears, she is awesome.

amanda is one of my current Co-Workers at ShopKo, she is a student at WSU and grew up not too far from here, in Colfax. She also seems very awesome.

Ive got two 'friends' pending to be included as well, one of which is my soon-to-be ex and the other is my cousin Amanda, who I just found on MySpace (sent her an invite maybe an hour ago). I havent seen her or her kids in 5 years about and hopefully we will be heading over there sometime after winter has cleared up (she and the rest of her family live near Vancouver WA.)

Also, I would like to note that it is in fact true that I am listening to Cake right now. They, also, are awesome.


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